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This is a project started by a white girl, trying to learn all the things she was never taught as a career American public school student. Her point in trying to learn and summarize all this important history is to educate herself, think about the circumstances in which our most unjust laws were written, and how they still impact all Americans today. 

God did not come down and write the Constitution. It is not a holy tome, it is a living document written by imperfect men who died hundreds of years ago but still governs YOU today. You get to say if parts of it harm you and you want to see them changed, and we should listen to Black friends, neighbors, and strangers when they say our shared laws are killing them. The founders themselves changed the Constitution almost immediately with the Bill of Rights. We can do it today with more amendments, or we could rewrite the entire thing to reflect a modern, inclusive, just society that does not have legal chains around people to keep them poor and disenfranchised.

Human beings are tribal by nature. We seek those of our same color, whether it’s black, white, red, or blue. White people are not socialized or encouraged to do the work of racial justice. We are not encouraged to share power and move towards systemic equality. It is intentional that we are not taught to even recognize the power we have to put towards these changes. Remember, rich and powerful people want to stay rich and powerful so it is in their best interests to legally keep down and divide common people of every color. Our history shows us that it has always been this way. Although they were more like those in power and benefitted from that, at the end of the day white indentured servants were still servants.

We are committed to learning about Black History, not just this month, but for the rest of our lives. You can sign up for our mailing list, read our posts on Black History, look at our suggestions for activism, or just look around... we simply ask you to walk this road toward change with us.

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